Hungarian Verb Phrase Constructions

Hungarian Verb Phrase Constructions is a monolingual Hungarian lexical resource: list of typical verb phrase constructions (VPCs) automatically extracted from the Hungarian National Corpus.

VPCs cover a broad class of verb-centered expressions. A VPC consists of a verb and zero or more noun phrases or postpositional phrases either lexically fixed or lexically free. For example the English VPC 'to take something into consideration' has a lexically free direct object and a lexically fixed into-PP, similar to its Hungarian counterpart 'figyelembe vesz valamit' (vesztake, figyelembe is an inflected form: figyelemconsideration, -beinto and valamitsomething with an accusative ending).

The lexical acquisition method which was applied to the Hungarian National Corpus to extract these expressions is described in (Sass, 2009). The list formed the basis of a Hungarian monolingual dictionary (Sass et al., 2010), the creation of which is covered by two other papers (Sass and Pajzs, 2010; Pajzs and Sass 2010).

This material was converted to the standard LMF format within the CESAR project. VPCs are represented as subcategorization frames applying Annex E-F of the LMF Specification. The resource contains 6266 VPCs grouped around 2225 verbs in a single XML file which is a valid XML file according to LMF DTD revision-16.

The list of Hungarian verb phrase constructions is available from this site under CC BY-NC-SA licence for academic, non commercial use.

Download: HVPC LMF XML version (1.1M) – username: hvpc; password: the same reversed.


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